Non Slip and Safety Flooring

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Health and safety in the workplace is becoming more and more important.

Regulations for businesses to adhere to and implement have been strongly in the past 10 years. In 1999 The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations were introduced to set out to employers their responsibilities of health and safety in the workplace. Since then, employers have had to carry out risk assessments in the workplace by either an in house health and safety officer or a professional risk assessment consultant. The risk assessment identifies any problems, risks and deficiencies in the workplace from anything from fire extinguishers and fire drills to toxic fumes and potential accident hot spots. This act provides guidance, codes of practice and regulations for the employer to carry out the risk assessment as quickly and as easily as possible.

Slipping over on floors or down stairs are common forms of accidents in the workplace. These can result in serious injury. Prevention of such accidents is very easy and it is not just in industrial workshops and factories that slipping over can occur. Offices are as dangerous if the right prevention techniques and processes are not implemented. Stairs, storage areas, kitchens and corridors can be potential slipping areas.

A very easy way to help to prevent such accidents is by using anti slip or non slip tapes on floors and stairs. These tapes come in various different sizes, forms and shapes each specifically manufactured for a particular purpose ensuring maximum protection. Older buildings for example are areas where health and safety issues tend not to be as evident especially on an old, uneven staircase. Non slip and anti slip tapes are easy to apply on such surfaces.
Non slip tape can provide combined uses for example safety in the dark or areas of low level lighting. Tapes are available with photo luminescent coatings as well as the non slip element. Waterproof tapes are also available for areas where there is a lot of water for example on a pool side. These waterproof tapes are effective for walking on with shoes or barefoot. Finally non slips tapes which are combined with hazard warning strips.

Other areas of that non slip and anti slip tapes can be used are on ships and boats, skateboards, and bathroom floors. When fixing onto sodden timber or loose surfaces anti slip bolt down plates should be used when you want an instant and extremely durable non slip surface. Such plates and safety flooring tapes mean even if health and safety procedures have been overlooked in construction or if a room has been changed into an area that people are now going to be using, regulations can be easily implanted.

These safety flooring tapes and plates make adhering to health and safety regulations very easy and provide essential accident prevention for employees. Setting out health and safety guidelines for employers and employees makes best practice of such regulations easy to understand. Health and safety handbooks around the workplace mean guidelines are always to hand and making employees more responsible in spotting potential hazards.

Belkin PureAV F9A702fc06 7 Outlet Home Theater Surge Protector Gray Silver

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Power surges and lightning strikes can damage or reduce the life of home entertainment and other electronic equipment. Did you know simply switching appliances on and off can create potentially harmful electrical imbalances? The Belkin PureAV Home Theater Surge Protector is your premiere solution for clean, safe power and the industry’s best in construction, ratings, and safety standards.Using advanced design elements and top-quality construction as well as superior circuitry-including 130-volt MOV components-the PureAV Home Theater Surge Protector offers the most complete protection from power surges, AC contamination, and spikes available. As the leading developer of surge protection solutions, Belkin engineers and rigorously tests all its products to ensure your equipment will be safe from harmful electrical imbalances.

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D Link DCS 6620 10 100TX PTZ Dual Codec 0 05 Lux Optical Zoom Internet Camera

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Internet Camera 10/100MBPS PTZ

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Amazing!
I am 100% satisfied with this camera as well. It is pricy; but its features and image quality are totally worth it. It has great range of motion and zoom, and the quality is superb! The 2 way audio support is a great feature. It has excellent sound quality. It works excellent in low light, the quality isn’t lost. The mounting brackets come with the camera and you can even mount it upside down; its great!

1 Star D-Link Customer Service Is Terrible
I have a DCS-900W camera that failed within a year. After that, I made 7 calls to their customer service and tried to get it returned and replaced. Obviously I was talking to some indian people overseas that don’t seem to care about the “service” that much, and usually after a couple of transfers, the line got cut off or picked up by another layman. During conversation, the line quality is very bad.

After a while, I just decided that $100 camera is not worth the time of the calls. I am in the process of reporting their practice to the better business bureau.

Based on my experience, I would be reluctant to buy any expensive things from D-Link. Once you have any problem, they just won’t honor the waranty.

2 Stars Didn’t work and DLink Couldn’t Fix The Problem
I have a DLink DCS5300 that has worked well – no problems, easy to install, etc. I purchased the DCS6620 as an upgrade for the Zoom capability. The DCS6620 image worked well through the security software provided by DLink, but would not work through the web browser interface – not even on my local network. The snapshot image worked fine, but the live feed did not show up at all – just a black box. If you plan to use the security monitoring software, the camera gives a great image, the zoom is high quality and the camera should perform as advertised. If, however, you want to use a web browser to access the camera, be cautious – you might have issues. DLink technical support was able to access the camera and control it (tilt, pan, focus, etc.) from the web, but they were not able to get an image. They decided is was not a port issue, suggested it was a hardware issue with the camera and they recommended I return the camera and get a replacement. The replacement had the same issue. I don’t know what is wrong, but I think it is probably something to do with the required ActiveX Component, the browser and the more complicated 2way communication involved with this camera. I was surprised at problems with this model. I remain satisfied with my DCS5300.

2 Stars Underp;owered and imprecise
This camera is a great novelty item. The picture is good, the optical zoom is nicer than just digital zoom, but it can not be considered worthy for serious surveillence. The unit does not have enough horsepower to deliver stable video when there is a lot of movement in the picture. What you get is a video image that pauses for a second or two, or three, while the audio continues (showing that the communications link is not the problem.

There are bugs in the firmware which have not been addressed. One specific bug can be seen when moving the camera to a defined location. Once the new position is reached the camera does not take the zoom level into account so camera movements are either too small or too large for the defined zoom level.

The steps between the zoom levels are much too large. The motor noise that can be heard when zooming in or out shows that the stepper motors are moving quite a bit. The result is that the camera zooms in or out quite a bit, while having more granularity would be so much more useful.

In summation, this is a great novelty item. This is an affordable entry level comsumer grade PTZ camera. It’s a lot of money to pay for a buggy product that does not seem to have much support from the manufacturer.

1 Star Dlink product Lifetime issue
You may want to think hard before you buy this or any other expensive Dlink product.

I purchased my dlink 6620 1.5 years ago. The camera has developed a CCD imaging problem that always places ‘purple’ diagonal lines at the top of the screen.

I wanted to try and have my $700.00 6620 fixed. I called Dlink and their tech support gave me an RMA procedure. I was then informed, later via EMAIL that my 6620 was out-of-warranty. I knew this and the Tech support people knew this! Yet they gave me an RMA number. I was ready to ship it back but decided to call Dlink again.

The RMA department told me that the technical department never checks if a product is in warranty. What a way to run a company. Dlink also said that they have no repair department, they just exchange (refurbished) cameras, if under warranty.

I then asked the RMA department if they would sell me a refurbished unit. They said NO. I then spoke with customer service. They said maybe I could buy a refurbished unit for up-to 75% of the original price. I was later informed, via EMAIL, that this was not allowed.

So the message is DO NOT buy Dlink cameras if you need them to work beyond the warranty period!

The RMA department Email is below:


Hi Jim its out of warranty and we wont be able to service it. You could speak to as many Technicians but we still cant service your Product.

Thank You




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Safety Beam Motion Alert

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You can know when someone ” crosses the line”. This high tech device creates an invisible infrared beam up to 60 ft. long. When the beam is crossed a loud alarm or a pleasant chime sound will be emitted. Can be used as an invisible playpen to alert you to your child or pet leaving a safe area. The alarm can also be used at night to scare off would-be intruders. In the chime mode, retail stores in businesses can use it to announce customers and alert them when someone enters an area that is “off limits”.

User Ratings and Reviews

1 Star Piece of junk
I read a previous review that this thing was a piece of junk but ignored it anyway. Well, I should have listened. I own a business and needed a “fitting room” type sensor to alert me when customers came through the door. I thought that this device was doing the job although it was annoyingly loud even at its lowest setting. However, it stopped working after 2 weeks. I returned it and although was kinda PO’d that I had to pay to ship it back, I was hopeful that the thing was just a lemon and the next one I would get one would work. I was wrong. The second one stopped working, too!

1 Star you get what you pay for
I bought 4 of these and they stink, pice of junk. Your better throwing your money in the wind.

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Skylink AA 433 Audio Alarm

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Operate as a main control unit with Chime, Instant, and Off Mode. Activated by keychain transmitter 4B-433A or 4B434 or Skylink Control Panel SC-001 or AM-001. Works in conjunction with up to 15 remote sensors. Water resistant. Can be used as a secondary or outdoor siren. Includes a piercing 110dB siren with flashing LED.

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Elk Low Voltage 24VAC Power Supplies

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If you want extra protection for sensitive electrical circuits, try this Power Supply with Auto-Resetting Fuse. This unit will automatically reset after a short circuit once the short has been cleared, eliminating the need to replace a fuse if the wires get shorted during installation.

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